LYSE XL! Use for a flat belly diet. LYSE XL (thermogenic weight loss formula) helps the whole body to burn calories, using the reserved fat for energy. To have a flat belly, diet is necessary? With LYSE XL because it helps your body burn excess fat, no changes in diet. LYSE XL is Ephedra free! and 100% natural. This means, you eat as usually and lose up to 2 kg per month (combined with healthy diet and exercise you can expect to lose up to 8 kg per month). But even without a diet, flat belly and a slender figure will appear.

LYSE XL contains only highest quality components and it is the leader of sales among the competitive brands. It is # 1 for those, who wants a flat belly (diet is not necessary!) also searches the safe and effective weight loss decision.

Begin a way to a flat belly (diet less) and slender figure today! Join thousands of satisfied customers and experience for yourself the proven benefits of LYSE XL. You lose only superfluous weight and thick belly. You get slender figure and flat belly! Diet is not obligatory!


How to get rid of superfluous fat? How to make a flat belly without a diet? You can reduce food intake or food absorption or enhance energy expenditure. LYSE XL combines a herbal in-gredients that maximize your body's ability to absorb food and increase energy expenditure, therefore naturally burning fat. This allows you to lose weight and to receive a flat belly without a diet or excessive exercises. Naturally and easily.

Thermogenesis and lipolysis to receive slender figure and flat belly! Diet is not obligatory!
Thermogenesis is a normal part of the metabolic process and means production of heat by a body. Thermogenesis, when not simply needed for routine food digestion and metabolism, is both a source of heat and when stimulated through appropriate dietary supplementation, a mechanism to increase metabolic rate. Nutritional substances can also stimulate thermogenesis. LYSE XL assist in the thermogenic processes allowing you to naturally and safely burn fat and receive slender figure and flat belly (diet is not obligatory).

Lipolysis is a destruction of fat. Hormones in the LYSE XL have lipolytic activity. They help destruction to fat of a body and turn it into energy. Thus, using an LYSE XL, you destroy fat of your body, transform it into energy and lose 2 kg per month, coming nearer to slender figure and flat belly without a diet and up to 8 kg and flat belly with a diet and exercises.


The components included in LYSE XL structure, information on side effects are placed in

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Dabyana, 35 U.S.A,
"Of all the diet pills I've tried, natural and otherwise there is nothing that comes even close. I can surely say LYSE XL diet pill is my savior. I lost 40 pounds in 10 weeks flat with out diet or any exercise routine.

Ruby, 30 Canada
"Just wanted to send you my heartfelt thanks and to share with others how I lost over 100 pounds in 6 months. That's right, i'm not dreaming, one hundred and ten pounds to be exact using LYSE XL diet pill. It worked like a charm for me...

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